There are those days when you are fighting stress, or with your family members, or with everyday life.    People, by nature, need to let off steam from time to time.  There are those days when you are fighting stress, or with your family members, or with everyday life.   Exercise your right to get physical without personal risk and take a fitness program from The Boxing Gym.  With membership, you will get unlimited cardio classes too!

Programs Available:

Cardio Fitness: 

  At The Boxing Gym we have just the program that you are looking for.  Whether you are looking to shed some pounds, target those problem areas, or get into killer shape we have the cardio fitness classes for you!  Our Fitness Class programs are all inclusive so you can come as often as you wish.  Our famous 30 minute workouts burn up to 500 calories and our 60 minute classes can top 1000 calories.  With so many different workouts you will never be bored with these group classes!  With Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing Blitz, Fit Camp, and Cardio Boxing you can find the cardio workout that fits your needs!   Private sessions are available!

Championship Boxing:

  Boxing takes an incredible amount of discipline, endurance, and dedication! This is a fundamental boxing program designed to learn all aspects of boxing.  The program delivers a small group training atmosphere for those who want to learn the art of boxing.  Self defense, confidence, technique, and striking will be focused on.  No experience necessary.  This is a program for those individuals 8 years and up.  Competitive and non-competitive programs are available.  We are registered with USA Boxing

Lights Out Boxing Team:

   Are you ready to train like a fighter?   We accept those that are looking to compete as well as those looking to train just as hard.  We offer conditioning, technique, and sparring nights.  Good for ages 12 and up.  Competitive and non-competitive programs are available.  We are registered with USA Boxing.


Group Personal Training Systems:

  Our personal training system is designed for those who are looking for personal training results in a supportive group atmosphere.  With workouts designed to push everyone to their maximum amount of effort you are sure to see results in as little as 4 weeks. Nutrition plans, body fat testing, and measurements are part of the program.  This program will keep you motivated and on track!


  Chief Instructor, OJ Sexton teaches the discipline of ITF Taekwondo.   This martial art school is focused on teaching students skills not only in self defense but also skills for life.This program emphasizes discipline, focus, and confidence.   Individuals will be empowered and will have newly found confidence and self esteem allowing them to achieve greater things in life.



The Extreme Martial Arts Centers are dedicated to making your martial arts experience enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding.  We pledge to make each and every member’s martial arts journey as rewarding and educational as possible. Furthermore, we monitor progress closely and walk with members every step of the way. We believe that being a martial artist is more than just learning to kick and punch, but becoming the very best that you can be “in every way”.  Our Mixed Martial Arts programs include submission grappling, san da kickboxing, taekwondo, shaolin kung fu, jiu-jitsu, and an MMA team for those who want to mix it up in the ring!  Competitive and non-competitive programs are available.  Private sessions are available!

Personal Training:

  If you are looking for a more personal experience be sure to set an appointment with one of our trainers on staff.  We have trainers dedicated to all aspects of fitness.  From weight loss to strength training and from kickboxing to self defense, we have the personnel to help you achieve your goal.  Certified personal trainers are on staff at all locations to help you design a fitness program that works with your schedule and tailored to meet your specific needs.  Call to set an appointment today! 


The Boxing Gym is for anyone and everyone who is serious about starting a healthier lifestyle, or those who want to take their fitness up a notch or two. From out-of-shape to in-shape, you can progress with confidence and pump up your work ethic.  With locations in three areas (Downtown, Central West End and West County) there is a nearby place to either sweat out the stress of your busy day or jump start your morning with an invigorating workout.  Check the website for class schedule and locations. 

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