One of the questions we get all the time is “What do I need to set up my own home gym.” We have decided to put together a list of some basic equipment to get you started. Now depending on the space you have available I usually have two things in mind. Something to get my heart rate up and some form of resistance training. For the cardio side you can go with a jump rope, treadmill, concept 2 rower, or an airdyne bike. You only need to go with one of these options personally at my house I keep a jump rope and the concept 2.

For the resistance side to keep things simple I like an ab mat, parallette bars, a pull-up bar, and some resistance bands. These are some of the simple things to get started with, now the pull-bar could be a little more advanced for some people so you could substitute that with some small dumbbells.

And lastly let’s not forget to setup a heavy bag system. The Century Corner Man system is one of the more steadier systems I’ve come across. Especially if you want to avoid drilling in your rafters or avoid a water filled bag.

These are some of my recommendations. Happy working out.

Until later,

Jim Cordes

  1. October 15, 2017


    • April 3, 2018

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