If your needing help to stretch your chest, hips, or lower back try this out. All you need is a broom, golf club, hockey stick or I use a pvc pipe.

Congratulations to Katherine for completing our Gamechanger Challenge and loosing 17 inches overall!!

In this video we talk about how to do correct knee bends and lunges. The most important thing to remember is to always keep your weight on your heel. If you feel like your weight is on your toes try and correct it. We’ll explain more in the video. www.theboxinggym-stl.com Located in St. Louis 4166…

Today I want to talk about how to learn how to strike correctly. Learning how to hit with the top knuckle on your hand is the difference between a solid strike and a possible broken hand. In this video I will demonstrate how to do that. I strongly encourage you to practice this technique until…

One of the best tips as a personal trainer I give to people who are just starting out trying to get into shape. Is increase your protein! Just because you have to decided to workout doesn’t mean your going to start loosing a ton of weight right at beginning. The majority or your results are…

I found this video while I was trying to setup our YouTube channel.  It was awesome footage of Cardio Fitness Program. I totally forgot about it. Look how young everyone looked then. LOL, I remember that day. “Hey Joelle hows your day? Guess what your going to be on TV.”   Jim

  Here is a personal training tip from me to any athletes out there that want to increase their mobility, flexible, and speed.

Happy St. Patty’s Day! All Classes will be at there normal times. Everyone be safe today.

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