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When is a good time to finally get in shape once and for all?

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St. Louis Fitness Instructors - The Boxing Gym STL

Central West End Location

Jim Cordes

Jim Cordes

Instructor / Personal Trainer / Owner
One of the founders of the company. Jim has been a fitness professional since 2003. A former college football player, kick boxer, and MMA fighter. He brings a unique style of fitness to our classes. Blending muscle confusion, heart rate manipulation, body weight movements, TRX, and kettlebells, to our cardio kickboxing programs for a workout you soon won’t forget. Available for personal trainer also.
David Ingamells

David Ingamells

Instructor / Owner
Bao Duong

Bao Duong

Instructor / Personal Trainer
 I have worked in the fitness business since 2008 now and it is immensely rewarding.  I have always had an interest in health and fitness beginning with playing soccer, baseball, basketball; typical activities boys occupy their time with.  Working as a personal trainer felt like a natural transition after going to Physical Therapy school.  Having knowledge of human anatomy and learning the science of exercise in TP school help with my development into not only a competent trainer but also more well rounded person with a wealth of academic comprehension.
     My favorite part to train is my core.  I feel that having a strong core is important because the core helps with how you walk, the posture, the ability to stand up from a sitting position, lifting objects above you head just to name a few movement.  My go to moves for core training is the combination of Turkish Getup with dumbbell, Partial Turkish getup with dumbbell, and Windmill with dumbbell for 3 sets of 10 reps for each movement.
     My philosophy on fitness is if you put the work in, results will follow.  Staying true to your conviction and be accountable for your actions.  I live my life with this in mind and sticking to my doctrine of physical health and the outcome is immeasurable.  My stress level is low.  I haven’t been sick in years.  Able to play sports with confidence and minimal risk of injuries.
     I feel i’m a good trainer because of my jovial, animated, youthful, supportive, and honest assessment toward my client.  My ideal client is someone who shares  my philosophy for fitness, put forth positive effort and energy, and commit to their personal well being.
     I love my job!