What People Are Saying…


Here are a few examples of what our happy clients have to say.




“Approximately 6 weeks after joining The Boxing Gym in the Central West end, I was lying on the padded floor lifting my torso up and down as owner Jim Cordes called out the cadence for crunches – “UP….DOWN…HALF-WAY UP….ALL THE WAY UP….ALL THE WAY DOWN”, etc. And…miraculously, I was doing it. Six weeks earlier I just giggled and rolled my eyes during the same class as I reached for the bag and my out- of-shape abs refused to even budge. It had been a decade since I had even done a crunch. Now, six weeks later…success. After my ab-conquering class was over, I got into my car, turned the ignition, cranked the air conditioning…and cried. Melodramatic, right?! I mean…we’re talking crunches for goodness sakes, not solving world peace. Hardly seems worth tears. But the thing is, the sense of pride I felt at being able to do those crunches in that class made me realize for the first time the depth of hopelessness and the lack of faith I had in myself six weeks earlier. I had completely given up on myself.But then I started training with personal trainer Brian Byrd.He is so positive, and from the very start his positivity and his passion were contagious. He inspires commitment and trust and believes in me even during those moments when I have a hard time believing in myself. I look forward to seeing what my body can achieve next. Each workout is completely different so I’m never bored which keeps me coming back for more. He follows up with me in between workouts, providing that extra support outside of the workout as well as accountability. And yes…I’ve lost weight and inches and have no doubt I will reach my goals, especially with Bryan challenging me. But for me, the most important thing that I’ve begun to shed in addition to pounds and inches is that sense of hopelessness that was really weighing me down, and I have Brian to thank for that.” – Dawn


“Ijust wanted to let you know how much I enjoy coming to the Boxing Gym in West County. You and your team at the gym are great. I am not one to work out alone, and the group exercise sessions that I go to have kept me motivated. In fact, I plan some of my daily activities around the times that I can go to the gym. As a bonus, the classes are fun. Heidi, Linda, Dave, Nick, Chrissy, and you keep the exercise routines fresh and challenging. Since I joined the gym in March I have lost about 15 pounds and dropped about 2 inches from my waist. I have done this with the intense workouts your group gives me, and by eating less food (at least most of the time!). I had to do both to lose the weight and inches, and the support I get at the gym helps keep me going I am glad that after passing by the Boxing Gym for several years, I finally came in to meet you and look at what you had to offer.” -Bob



“If you’re looking for a gym experience like no other, than the boxing-gym is for you! Here, you’ll find incredible classes that push you to your very limits, and then ask you to go one step farther. The fitness experts here are passionate about what they do and they teach their classes and train their clients with the kind of personal touch you would expect from a boutique gym, without the boutique price tag. Walking into the gym, is like walking into your home away from home. Everyone from the staff to the clients will quickly learn your name. That feeling of intimidation or uncertainty that often comes when joining a gym, will quickly be replaced with a feeling of belonging and family. From your first class, you will never have felt more challenged or had as much fun! – Nikki